Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Blaze- 

Iceland has nearly “eradicated” Down syndrome … by encouraging parents to test their babies in the womb and abort them if their results show a likelihood of the genetic condition.
According to a recent CBS report, just one or two babies are born with Down syndrome on average per year in Iceland, which has a population of 330,000. In the country, close to 100 percent of pregnant women who test positive for Down syndrome in prenatal screenings choose abortion.
While Iceland is ahead when it comes to “eradicating” people with Down syndrome, America isn’t too far behind. Among U.S. women, an estimated 67 percent whose test results indicate a Down syndrome child decide to abort the baby.
Glenn Beck looked at this heartbreaking story on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“Am I supposed to say, ‘Oh, look at that beautiful child that should be dead’?” he asked of the CBS story, which featured an image of a little girl from Iceland with Down syndrome who was one of the few to survive.
Glenn talked about people with Down syndrome and all that they have to offer the world.
“Down syndrome people are the best among us,” he said. “They truly are.”

Mark my words...if we don't value life at the beginning what is going to stop us from killing ADULTS with genetic disorders?


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