Monday, January 11, 2016

We are called to STAND FIRM IN THE FAITH!  When it comes to us as men, how we view the following things will determine our worldview and our families trajectory.

1. Our view of the Bible
What you think about God's word is instrumental in how you life your life. How you view God's Word will determine the choices that you will make for you life and for your family.  If you view God's as the final authority for your life it's going to play out in a radical way.  You will take his commands seriously.  You won't make excuses you'll make commitments and plans to follow God's word. Now, if you don't view God's word as the final authority(which a majority of Americans do) it will be revealed by your lack of obedience and commitment to the mission of God.    Oh, that we would view and take God's word seriously.

2. Our view of the church
What we think about this thing called the church determines alot of things in our life.  I mean there are alot of organizations that are looking to gain our attention.  If we look at the mission and the goal of the church as something that actually is going to matter in 10,000 years we are going to make our commitment the church a priority. If we look at the church as precious the way Jesus does we won't  criticize, rather we will come along side to attempt to better the church.  If we look at the church as a force of good we will want to come along side her in this mission and look for ways to get involved (IE teach, give, serve, and commit to coming).  Now, if you don't view the church as important you will join a growing majority of people and your attendance will reflect what you really think of the church.  The average church member attends their local church 1 to 2 times a month. Now, church attendance doesn’t save you. But life is found in God’s house. It’s where encouragement is found. Friendships are formed. Lives are challenged.  IF you believe in something wholeheartedly you will be present. Your lack of attendance reveals something.

3. Our view of the family
Our families matter!  I mean God set the family up. One of the biggest attacks that the enemy is lobbying against us, is the decimation of the family. This is where God does some of his biggest works.  If the family is splintered the church will splinter...but if we keep it intact-ed then we are better at waging war on the enemy.  So the family is something we should place a high priority on.   

4.Our view of Jesus
What we think of Jesus says EVERYTHING!  If we see Jesus as the sovereign God of the universe it's going to transform how we approach everything else.  That means he's in charge!  That means we don't have to worry.  That means we don't have to compare ourselves to anyone else!
If we see Jesus as OUR Father...then we approach the throne with boldness and respect all at the same time.  That means we can bring EVERYTHING to our Father...because he cares! If we see him as Savior we gladly bring our lives and our sin and lay them at his feet so that we might be redeemed.
Now, if we don't look at Jesus in this way but rather as just another good's going to effect how we approach all things.  And sadly this is where a growing majority of people are moving and we are seeing how that is working in our culture even now.  Oh that we would come to understand that Jesus is in control and that He has a desire to love us and care for us.  I think that this would change everything in our world. 

Men! We have a mandate from God himself  "STAND FIRM IN THE FAITH!!" Oh that this would be us today.  We have a calling as men from our God and it's important that we take this serious!

Go out today and STAND, not in your own strength, but rather in HIM.  Stand in HIM!


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