Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So I have started watching this show called 'hotel impossible.'  It is so crazy...this guy comes in and just tells these hotel owners how crummy and horrible their hotels really are.  I mean he really gives them the bad news and tears up their little world...and many times the owners don't like what this guy has to say, but what's awesome about this plot is that he does not leave them there.

He brings to light the bad news...and then sets up an action plan to transform the hotel into what it could become!

If you notice the once they hear the bad news...but see  that there is hope they are filled with JOY and happiness that things can be resolved. 

This is the Gospel.  Good news has to invade bad spaces.  We have to hear the bad news first so that we can get to the spot in our lives where transformation can truly take place! Sometimes we may not like what we hear...(that we're sinners and in the wake of God's wrath) but if we actually listen to the Gospel (The GOOD NEWS)  and follow things up by submitting (and repenting of our sins) our lives to Jesus Christ we can truly find peace and transformation.


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