Monday, February 15, 2016


Marriage is important.  It's really the life blood of the family unit.  When we have healthy marriages, we have healthy families.  When the marriage is poor the family suffers.  We are also living in a time where marriage is not valued by our culture.  Marriage vows really mean nothing to so many people.

This is why my church is hosting an amazing marriage event this coming with Matt & Lauren Chandler, FOR FREE!  We are live streaming this event in.  This will not be something that will help strengthen and encourage marriages all over our community.

Here are a few reason why I think you should bring your spouse and come this marriage event:

1. Because marriage matters!    "As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live." - Pope John Paul II
God created marriage.  The gospel is played out inside this thing called the family.  The gospel is propelled through the family and because of this the devil does everything in his power to bring the institution of marriage down.  He has mocked it and belittled it through culture and entertainment.  Why do you think there is such a massive assault on traditional marriage and families, because there is a war going on to the hearts and souls of mankind.  If the devil can hinder the family he can hinder the cause of the Gospel. This is the main reason marriage is important.

2. Doing a regular check up on your marriage is just smart:  You may be saying 'I don't need to marriage is just fine.'   Well just because the car is running does not always mean things are fine.  It's good sometimes just to pull in and get a check up.  Check all the vitals.  You might find that there may be a small leak or something that is in need of fixing.  That's the same reason it's good to invest in your marriage.  Do a weekend check up. Just might save you from a major breakdown later down the road.

3.You need a weekend get away!  This will impress your spouse that you are willing to invest in them.  Make it fun.  Get a hotel room.  My wife's grandpa used to say 'a change of scenery is good sometimes.'  It sometimes changes the perspective.  Even if you live in town...make it feel like a weekend away together. That along with amazing Bible based teaching just might transform some stuff.

We want to encourage you to join us at this event. You can find out more about this event here:

God blessing you all!


  1. Quite an impressive post about wedding events. Thanks for this article. I am going to attend a wedding with my fiancé at a local event space NYC. Will be our first NYC trip together. Hoping to have a great time!

    1. Mark-

      That's so awesome!!! Congrats on getting married! So fun!! Keep Jesus your focus and you'll be just fine!