Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So this past weekend I went to this awesome little town called Marceline, MO.  I was there to speak for a men's event.  When I checked into the motel they had Disney stuff everywhere!  I looked around and then asked the clerk, 'Are you a Disney fan?'   She said sort of...this is the hometown of Walt Disney...I was like, NO WAY!!  She said the main street here in Marceline is the model of 'Main Street USA in Disneyland.  I literally said 'SHUT UP!' 

So here is the main drag in Marceline, MO

And here is the MAIN STREET USA in Disney...

WOW!  I was pretty amazed at this!

So that was a fun way to start the weekend, knowing that tid bit of information.  So I went over to Bethany Baptist Church to share the love and Word of Jesus with the men of Bethany...what a great group of guys!

Men from all over that area came and joined us for this event.

We desperately need men in our communities that are ready, willing, and able to lead their families, churches, and communities for the glory of God.  We need to engage the culture of our cities and shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these areas.  But the best place for this to take place is in our homes.  Christian men need to be leading and guiding their families in the area of the Gospel! Because when that happens everything in our communities will transform.  Another thing that is helpful is when Christian men encourage and challenge other Christian men to take up the mantel and run this Gospel centered race for the Glory of God!

This was the message I shared Saturday night and Sunday morning with the folks of Bethany Baptist Church.  We saw such a great response to both events.  My prayer is that the men's ministry there will continue to encourage and challenge men to love and follow Jesus with everything fiber in their being.

I want to thank Pastor David, and Brother Joe for helping put this event and weekend together.  I believe God was glorified as a result of this weekend!


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