Saturday, June 11, 2016

So I posted this video today on how to have less conflict in your marriage.

The main point is for you and your spouse to have a GOSPEL centered mission.  You and your spouse working together to get the message of JESUS CHRIST out to the world around you.

If you're focused on the spiritual war at hand and the mission that God has given you as a couple you ave far less time to fight and argue with one another.  SO here are  a few ideas on how to be on mission where you are.

1.  Find out what kinds of missions opportunities your church offers
     a. Mission trips, (local and over seas)
     b. Working in a ministry in your church
     c. Walking your local neighborhood handing out information about your church TOGETHER!

2. Go work in a homeless shelter together.

3. Put together a marriage event for your church (use video resources if needed)

4, Go on an actual mission trip.  I know I said that as part of one, but I want to flesh that out more...either go on a local or over seas mission trip where you are 'forced' to step outside of your world and see how to help others who are in need.

When you are focused on the mission of seeing people come to know Christ there is far less conflict, because the goal is not about you anymore.  It's about JESUS and HIS mission.

I hope this has been helpful.

God bless!


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