Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This classic!  Parents can get so bent out of shape when it comes to sports and their children.  A lady who was accidentally looped into a text chain just shows the true hearts of these parents on this subject! 


Say what? Christi started trolling the parents by claiming her fictional child is the 'best on the team' 

It's about to get FUN!

Unbelievable: Christi told the other parents that her son was being scouted, noting that he will one day realize what a 'great influence his talent was on the other kids'

Famous friends: Christi went on to complain about the snacks before claiming her son was invited to David Beckham's home for Christmas 

Those darn snacks!!! 

Seriously? At this point, some people in the chat started to get riled up, and one person contacted the kids' soccer coach about the situation 

Still going: The parents decided they would settle this at the meeting, but Christi noted her attendance depends on the 'snack situation' 

Too funny: At the end of the post, Christi claimed soccer star Cristiano Ronald told her son that he reminded him of himself when he was younger 

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