Thursday, March 15, 2018

Are you looking for a guest speaker for your next event?  
Are you looking for someone to inspire and challenge your group?
Are you looking for someone to bring value to your ministry?

Caleb Gordon would love the chance to be that person!  

“Caleb Gordon would be an excellent choice as a guest speaker.  He easily relates to youth and adults and his speaking is engaging and well delivered...' 
-Blake Bolerjack 

Caleb spoke during our CITY WIDE IMPACT WEEKEND. He did a great job delivering God’s Word in a way that kept our students attention. Caleb is very passionate about God’s Word and creative in applying Truth to everyday life while staying faithful to the Text."

 Mark Mackey
Student Pastor
Choctaw Road Baptist Church

"Caleb Gordon is a new voice that speaks the timeless truths of God’s Word for a new generation."

Nick Garland
Lead Pastor- First Baptist Church,
Broken Arrow, OK.

“Caleb is a very engaging and entertaining speaker, but more importantly he speaks with substance.  If you are looking for someone that relates well to students, gives them the solid Biblical truth and helps them apply it to their world, Caleb Gordon is your man.”

 Matt Moseley
Youth Pastor- Oklahoma 

'Caleb came and spoke to our men and brought a great message to them.  You could see his passion for the Lord and for people as he shared from his heart.  If your church needs inspiration and to be challenged, I would highly recommend Bro. Caleb Gordon for your church ministry."

 Pastor Ben Langley

Tulsa, OK


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