Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dear on the fence Christian Parents,

I want to write you something really quick!  I have had conversations with parents in the past who say stuff like ' well I don't want to shove Christianity down my kid's throats, I want them to make up their own minds on this kind of stuff.  

I want to lovely tell you the enemy is shoving their beliefs down your kid's'd better get on the defense and start proactively getting your children plugged in and involved in the things of Jesus Christ, because if you don't the other side will 'groom your children' to follow their worldviews.  And you're willfully blind if you think it's not happening.  

Stand up and take back your family!!!

Amid the spread of controversial drag queen story hours at public libraries — during which performers in full makeup and glitter read to children and toddlers — one drag queen admitted that the events are meant to “groom the next generation.”  (Read MORE...)


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