Monday, August 17, 2015

Are you looking for something to encourage, challenge and inspire your students? Well, look no further. Schedule Caleb Gordon to come to your school and share on the topic of leadership. We live in a culture that truly needs leadership. It craves leadership! This next generation has the opportunity to truly make an impact on our culture.
The message that Caleb brings is what it looks like to be an authentic leader rather than a synthetic leader.
Here are what some leaders are saying about Caleb’s events:

“I highly respect Caleb for his efforts and dedication to being an outstanding role model, and leader. I would recommend him for any opportunity to meet and have an impact upon youth.”

-Don Raleigh, Superintendent of Pryor Schools

“Caleb was well received by our grade 7-12 students and their teachers. He seemed at ease communicating with our students and the students were very attentive and appreciative. I feel his message, pertaining to making choices in our lives, was effective. Students liked his personalities. This was a worthwhile educational program for our students.”
-John Hvidsten, Sup’t/Principal Sunburst School District, Sunburst, MT

“One of the best events we’ve had…Caleb is a great communicator.”
-Chuck McCauley Bartlesville High School

I thought that Caleb’s talk was great. It was very teen/young adult oriented and very interactive. No one was dozing off to sleep the way they do during a lot of speeches that I’ve attended. He was on topic and kept it upbeat to keep the audiences attention. I personally thought the talk was one of the best I’ve ever attended.

Nikki Stone
FCCLA Regional President

Caleb did an excellent job sharing with our students about the importance of leadership in their generation.
In my 20+ years in public education, I have never seen students so engaged during an assembly.
It was amazing to see the number of students who came up to him after the assembly to thank him for sharing his story and hearing how it touched them was amazing. I hope that he has the opportunity to speak to our students again in the future.
Rick Loggins
Barnsdall Public Schools 

Schedule Caleb today for your next event. You won’t be disappointed!


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