Friday, February 12, 2016


There are so many people growing up in churches that have been taught: 'look right, sound right, live right and you're a follower of Jesus.'  All the while they have no idea what it looks like to have a vibrant, living relationship with Jesus!  This is why we have so many young adults today who walk away from church.  They never really had the GOSPEL taught to them...they had moralistic deism shoved down their throats.

When the gospel is present in your church there will be less and less dependence on 'looking the part,' and more and more pressing into the person and work of Jesus Christ!

When the Gospel is clearly proclaimed in your church you are not as likely to become prideful about your good church attendance, but rather you are excited to be apart of a community of fellow believers who have a desire to move towards Jesus and holiness.  You have a desire to want to dig in deeper.

When the Gospel is present in your church, clothes and your appearance is no longer a have  a desire to want to be seen and known by God rather than people. So therefore you dress in such a manner to impress Jesus not your neighbor. 

When the Gospel is clearly proclaimed in your church there is a real and present desire to show love and be love to the people in encounter inside and outside the walls of your church, even if they don't look like you. 

When the Gospel is present in your church you won't see near as much comparison and envy...rather you'll see people rejoicing in the fact that God is moving in their lives and a longing to want to help other people become what God has called them to be.

Bottom line is that we have got to stop this insane idea of  if we look like we have everything figured out we're good with God.  We need to be in an enviorment that allows us to be genuine and real with one another in order that we might come to trust and rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ, not our  works!


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