Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I don't understand Christians...I mean I really don't. We stand in our churches and make a fuss and say 'we need Godly leaders, we need politicians who understand and follow Jesus!'  But yet when one shows up we start to pick him apart.  We blindly follow the media and just say 'well he's a racist or he's whatever CNN tells us he is.'

Let's listen to his principals. 

Ted Cruz on abortion:

 We have been screaming for years we need a leader who will help end this thing...well here he is!
I have heard some say 'well that's just one issue.'  But need I remind you this one issue is a truly one of the most important ones out there!  If a politician does not value life in the womb, he won't value life outside of it. 

So my question is this... Dear Christian, Why is it that you don't like Ted Cruz?  From a Biblical worldview this guy is spot on.  


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