Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Over the last week, Christians have been rocked by news of high profile Christians being hit with divorce.   We so often have this mindset that because they are 'high profile' in the Christian world that they have great marriages.  Honestly, often times that is so far from the truth.   If Christian leaders are not doing things to help keep their marriages healthy it's a pretty good bet that they will crash and burn.  

So I wanted to just put together a small list of things we can do as CHRISTIAN husbands can do to keep our marriage on the right track.

1. Prayer- I mean praying together on a consistent basis.  Praying with and for your wife! 

2. Be committed to a community (AKA church) of other Christians who are willing and able to hold to a Biblical standard.  

3.  Be in the Word together and separately. This is so important!  Having a regular time that you're studying God's word is vital to keeping you on the straight and narrow.  

4. Send flirty notes/texts to your girl, on a regular basis!  Letting her know that she's the end all be all girl in your life is a really pivotal thing to helping strengthen your marriage. She might not always say she likes your notes, but I promise she does!

5. Public displays of affection.  Now, I know that there is a line here!  So don't cross it.  But, what I mean is hold her hand, touch the small of her back. And if you're not sure what is 'good,' ASK HER!
Communication is so important! 

6. Talk!  Simple right, but many times we make it way more complex than it needs to be.  Just start with telling her how things are going at work.  Let her know that you're interested in her still. 

7. Date your wife!  And this does not mean that you have to spend cash every time you do something.  it can be as easy as surprising her with dinner and Nexflix (pick a sappy chick-flick if she's into that.)  But every once in a while do something really romantic.  You can determine what that looks like.  Bottom line, do something that both of you can do together. 

8. Go on mission trips together.  This does not mean another country every time (although it's not a bad thing).  But go do something that will bring you together in the light of the Gospel.  Make it about someone else.  Don't focus so hard on you.  Focus on bringing Jesus to others around you.  Be on mission together.

These are just a few ideas I have.  Feel free to make up your own list.  You know your marriage. Do what will work.  Marriage matters!   You as a couple matter. Be willing to fight fro your marriage.

You just might transform the world!   


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