Saturday, September 30, 2017

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:28.

SO this week Hugh Hefner died.  I have watched in amazement as people of all walks of life have been talking about how amazing this man was and wishing him well in the afterlife and so on and so forth.   This is a flawed mindset. 

This got me thinking.  I know, that can be a really dangerous thing.  I have been impacted by Hue.  I'm a guy.  So I've seen a Playboy or two in my day.  Now, let's talk about that.  The average age a young boy sees his first pornographic image is eight years old.  EIGHT YEARS OLD! That is simply horrible.  And that is a legacy that Hue has left.  This breaks my heart. Boys/men cannot get those images out of their heads.  Once these images are burned into our brains they are there on a permanent basis.   Men are visual in nature.  So once we see these images our imaginations begin to run wild.   And what happens is that as we dive headlong into this cesspool of images a transformation begins in a man's brain.  We begin to see women differently.  Rather than viewing women as  God's creation of beauty and as an actual human being, we see them as a commodity.  This destroys relationships. 

Pornography is one of the biggest destroyers of marriages in our country. 
Pornography is the number one reason human trafficking happens.
Pornography is one of the biggest causes of affairs.
Pornography sets an unrealistic expectation in a marriage bedroom. 

And these are just a few of the horrible things that porn causes.  The thing that is even more disturbing is the number of people who are calling this man amazing, kind, and a living legend. He was a depraved lost man, who exploited and objectified women.  

We should NOT be celebrating him. We should not be celebrating the fact that he helped promote one of the most sinister activities in all of human history.  We should be mindful of how wicked the world is and how quickly we can get snarred by this toilet water.  It might quench a few thirsts, but it will make you sick and could eventually "kill" you.  We need to be mindful of how sticky the web of sin can be and we need to run from sin as if it's a deadly disease because that's exactly what it is.  

That we, as a culture are celebrating this man is a massive glowing neon sign that our world is depraved to the core and is in desperate need of redemption.  

The only way we find redemption is through repentance of our sinful ways to Jesus Christ!  He is the only way we find HOPE and a future.  

One of the best messages I've ever heard on the subject of pornography is this message by Josh McDowell.  


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