Tuesday, September 19, 2017

So, yesterday President Trump made the declaration that 'There is a good chance for Mid-East Peace'  at the UN meeting in New York. I am watching all of this with a sense of wonder.
Things are moving at a rapid pace.  And there are naysayers who really for some reason have zero desire to really see the return of Christ, but that really does not matter.  JESUS IS COMING!

Along with that, I happen to see this news report about people in The Netherlands that are putting microchips in their hands as a replacement for train tickets and potentially replacing credit cards and access to cars and houses.  

Some 3000 people have had their train tickets chipped in their hand.

Along with all of this, the re-birth of Israel (the recognized state) celebrates 70 years in May of 2018.

Now, let me be clear.  I'm not setting any dates.  I'm simply stating that there are signs all around us that JESUS is coming.  So, therefore, it should cause in us a strong desire as Christian to tell as many people about the redeeming power and love of JESUS CHRIST NOW!


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