Friday, March 6, 2015


I posted on my facebook this morning and said: 'When we do stuff to help others, our issues don't seem that big any longer.‪#‎DoSomething‬.'

What does that look like to you, 'Doing Something?'  

The other day a lady called my phone and wanted to talk with me about taking a political survey...her name was Cynthia....and 99.9% of the time I just say 'Thanks, but no thanks!' and hung up.  But for some reason, I said 'SURE, LET'S DO THIS!!!'  She laughed....she started in with the questions...I answered them...and then I just said; 'Does this ever just get crazy old?'  She laughed again and said: 'we need to stay on track.'  I said OK...she started asking questions again...she asked me if she thought our county was going in the right direction.  I said, NO!  Then i started talking about why I think Jesus is the answer.  I went for a while.  :-D 

When I was done she said 'I'm a Jesus person too.' I just smiled and said 'AMEN!  We need more of us!!'  She finished the survey up and I just asked her; 'Cynthia, how can I pray for you today...she said 'I need strength.'  To which I replied, I bet.   She laughed...I told her I would do that, and I did.  I wished her well in her job, and that I'd see her in eternity!  

Now that does not seem like much...but for that ten minute conversation I did not think about anything else but Cynthia and what she was telling me.  When I was helping her achieve something she was wishing to get done, my life felt good.  I'm not saying my life does not normally feel good.  But for a moment, talking with this strange lady about Jesus, politics, and life the crazy day that I had just had, had just dissipated.  You know what was even better that conversation then bled over into the rest of our night....because my wife asked me what I was doing, and who was I talking with.  I just smiled and said 'some lady named Cynthia with a survey company.  We talked about JESUS.  

Doing small things like that can truly change your day.  So next time you're going to hang up on that telemarketer (or anyone else)  stop and think to yourself... 'I wonder if I can do something to show off Jesus?'  Then do it!!  It just might transform the way you think about your whole life!


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