Monday, March 30, 2015

This past weekend I spoke for the Young Christians Weekend at Silver Dollar City.  WOW!  The group I was with were the young men. There were about 1,000 men who came through the doors of both of my sessions.  I talked about why it's important that men make a Godly impact on culture, both locally and nationally.  I focused on why it's import that Jesus Christ be the foundation of our masculine culture and why it is so important that Christian men make the Gospel the center of the homes.

When Jesus transforms a man's heart it will change the destiny of a family.

God has given all Christian men a mandate to lead their family to Jesus!

This is what our country and world needs more than anything.  If we fix the family...we fix the nation. Period!  The only way this happens is when men who claim to follow Jesus actually start taking Him seriously...and doing what HE called each of us to do in the first place!  Then we'll see transformation.

This weekend was really amazing.  The stories that some of these guys shared with me about their lives were so incredible and uplifting.  I am praying that God does a mighty and transformative work in the men who came to Young Christians Weekend.


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