Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#ShoutYourAbortion  is the new hash tag that is out on twitter.  I want you to see some of these:

This one almost made me weep!
I honestly can only think of ONE reason people support abortion. Because we live in a world and a culture that is completely and totally narcissistic. We love ourselves more than we love anything else, and a baby would just hamper our lifestyle. If you follow Christ and call yourself a Christian but yet support the idea of murdering babies you are a Christian in name only. And if that offends you so be it. There will be a day when you stand before a judge and He will not take kindly to you supporting this cockamamie idea that has been cooked up by the devil himself.

 Now so no one can say I'm just being a nay sayer... there is hope! Abortion is not the sin that will do you in. There is forgiveness. But there is repentance that is required. Now, if you repent/confess your sin to Christ (according to 1 John 1:9) there is FORGIVENESS. But if you don't repent/confess there will be no forgiveness given out. So the ball is in your court. Stop supporting the losing side! Chose LIFE over death!


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