Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I have been away from this platform for a week preaching every night, and on my last day at the event I was told 'Gay marriage has been legalized.'  People started to get discouraged...I'll be honest I did too...then I took a few moments to breathe.

Everyone said 'what is going to happen now?  How do we respond?  Well here is what I think should be done.

#1. Don't freak out.  God's not freaking out so we should not either.  This may have caught us off guard, but God was not shocked by what happened.  Our sin is not surprising God...he saw this coming thousands of years ago...this is all under the sovereign control of our King.  Don't worry about it.  He's got this!

#2. Clean up your house!  Start today by looking at your own life, and repent of the sins that are going on in your heart and life.  We are quick to rip apart homosexuality as an awful sin (which it is) but so is your angry bitter heart.  So is your unforgiving attitude.  Your sin is just as awful as their sin.  It all needs to be redeemed.  We start by leading out in the area of repentance.  We bow our knee to the King of the universe and repent of of our sins ( 1 John 1:9 ).

#3. We Pray  The reason we have such horrible things going on in our nation is because the church has not been on it's knees praying the way it should.  Revival starts in the house of God, not in the halls of congress. 
(  2 Chronicles 7:14  if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. )

If the church is not praying and repenting then don't expect the rest of the nation to do any different.

#4 Stay focused on sharing the Gospel. The only thing that changes people is the Gospel of Jesus Christ...not pushing them to try and live out some type of moral standard.  Because in all reality we can't live out that moral standard.  We've all fallen short  (Romans 3:23).  Jesus has to live this thing out for us. 

I know it's easy to jump in with the rest of the world and start to saying everything is lost, but this is when the Gospel can and will shine the brightest and best. The Gospel invades dark spaces and brings light.  What we need to be focused on is not the issue itself...we need to be focused on Jesus and as a result of being focused on Him we become salt and light to a dark and dying culture. 

Go and show off Jesus to the world!


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