Friday, June 19, 2015

Well, this weekend we honor fathers.  I would not be where I am today without my dad!  I remember when I was in 5th grade my teacher (Mrs. Crain) said 'Caleb, you don't know it now, but you are truly blessed to have a dad who loves Jesus.'  Oh, how true that teacher was!  My father is not perfect, but he adores Jesus!  He longs to know Him and honor Him in every area of his life...and that to me is everything!

My dad has been a pastor and a proclaimer of God's truth since before I was born...he is one of my favorite pastors!  His council and teachings have molded me and shaped me.  Jesus became real, because of what he showed me in the Bible!  For that, I'm eternally thankful!

Not only is my dad a great dad, but he's an even better 'Papa.' He has shown his grandchildren what it looks like to truly love, and be loved!

Not only is my dad a great papa...but he's also one of my biggest fans!  He regularly reads my blogs and comes to watch me do the events I sing and preach at.  He encourages me and challenges me where I need it!  I'm truly thankful for him being that to me.

Finally, my dad has been a true inspiration in the area of marriage.  He has lived out what it looks like to be a Godly husband!  He has loved my mom and done that very well.  They are crazy about each other...and that has made me want to be a better husband to my wife!

Dad, thank you for being my dad!  I love you!

Happy Father's day!! 


  1. Oh Caleb....Thank you so much for that beautiful story. I love your whole family and that teacher was are one of the lucky ones to have your daddy love Jesus!