Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So the Supreme Court will be ruling soon on 'Gay Marriage' and if it is constitutional or not.  So many people are really for this ruling, saying that now they will finally be able to have a basic right to marry and love!

We live in a culture currently where even in the heterosexual community marriage is not truly valued.  In fact  Bloomburg put out an article saying 'Unmarried couples living together is the new normal.' So the argument that that gay couples want the same treatment as heterosexual couples is blown out of the water...because a bulk of heterosexual couples are not therefore they are not getting the 'tax benefits' of  'being married'.  So why is there a massive push to get marriage for homosexual couples legalized?

Well according to a lady named Masha Gessen,  (a LBGT activist) their community is saying they would like to see ALL marriage go away.  I will say, at least SHE IS HONEST! 

She explains in the audio message below as to why there is such a big push to legalize gay marriage. The goal is to eradicate the institution of marriage all together! The thing that is blowing my mind is that people don't believe what she is saying.  People say 'oh that's not really what she means.'  Well I'm taking her at her word!  The goal is to destroy and re-define relationships totally.  If you destroy the family (which this is the goal of the gay agenda) you destroy a nation.    If we destroy the meaning of marriage a Pandora's box is opened and anything is legal.  Not only will it be legal, but people who view homosexuality (or anything else sinful for that matter) as wrong will be villainized and treated as a criminal. Freedom of speech and thought will be something of the past once this is legalized. 

Listen to what she is saying:


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