Saturday, July 25, 2015

The news right now is all about Planned Parenthood...I have always been pro-life...but honestly I do not understand how anyone, but especially professing Christians could support abortion.  I know that the liberal left is a big pusher of science...I don't understand how or why they cannot see that science supports that idea that the baby that is inside a women's  body is an actual life.  I have seen in the past two years several babies who were born early...and have ALL lived!

Take six minutes and watch this. 

I honestly can only think of ONE reason people support abortion.  Because we live in a world and a culture that is completely and totally narcissistic.  We love ourselves more than we love anything else, and a baby would just hamper our lifestyle.  If you follow Christ and call yourself a Christian but yet support the idea of murdering babies you are a Christian in name only.  And if that offends you so be it.  There will be a day when you stand before a judge and He will not take kindly to you supporting this cockamamie idea that has been cooked up by the devil himself. 

God Help us!
God please forgive us for what we have done and what we have supported.


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