Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Most of us are 90% known, even by our most intimate companions. We live in a fear that if people really know about that one thing, or this one character flaw, they won’t love or respect us. And to some degree this is true. There really are people out there looking for the flaws in others so they can pounce. But the reality is this:
Most people aren’t that way.
The overwhelming majority of people in the world may be broken, but they’re safe. And by safe, I mean you can trust them with your flaws. -Donald Miller
I just read the above quote, and it is so true.

 Why are we afraid of community?  I see so many people I know who really have zero desire to want to come together and find authentic Biblical community and fellowship.  And I honestly think it's because we are scared. We are afraid that if we allow people into our lives and let them see our mess ups and our sin that we'll be abandoned and alone because after all who could love a sinner?  I honestly think that if we really jumped into Godly community with both feet we'd have less drama to wade through...

For so long I was afraid to tell my story for fear of people that once ‘respected’ me looking at me differently…and the fact of the matter is that some did.
But the overwhelming majority of folks I’ve shared my story with have been really gracious and loving.

Once I started to really share my story I began to see how I was helping other broken and messed up people. That’s the goal of what Christians should be doing…showing other people how BIG the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ truly is.

You see, that’s the thing…we think that our story is not ‘cool enough’ or we think ‘no one would want to hear about that.’ The truth is that people are looking for hope. YOUR story, of how JESUS reached through the portals of time and space and redeemed you is special, and it needs to be heard!
Don’t let the devil back you into a corner and make you afraid to share. Don’t be a person that hides, rather be willing to share what Jesus has done in your life. Your story of grace just might transform someone’s life!

Don't be afraid.  


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