Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What if we knew for a fact that  everything would totally change in our culture in two months?
What if we knew that money would be worthless in two months?

How would we act?  What would we do?

Why is it that so many people are stuck on this idea of something major is coming? Honestly, I think we cannot continue down this road much further.  Financially we cannot keep doing what we're doing 18 trillion in debt and every day we are printing billions more.  Socially we are a degenerate and depraved world.  Something has got to change/break.  But sadly to many people focus on the events rather than the one who is able to over come said events.  Yes, I firmly believe we should be aware of what is happening around us, but then put our focus on the ONE who can bring peace in the middle of a storm.  Jesus is the one who will bring peace, not financial stability.

So, why are people thinking something is coming...well because it is.  Everything is going to be returned back to Him (JESUS).  (Col 1:20)

So what is going on in the month of September that everyone is so anxious about?

Take a few moments and watch this very compelling  video and let me know what you think.This guy simply talking from a finical stand point...I think it's very interesting.

Regardless of what happens the main thing you need to sure of is that Jesus is LORD of your life, and that you've repented of your sins and that he rules in your life.  Eternity is coming quicker than you might think.


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