Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Why is there STILL  such a massive debate over traditional worship music vs. praise and worship music?

People will say ‘it’s about worship…hymns express worship better than praise and worship music…and vis-verse.

I get the core idea. It’s comfort. People like comfort, and things that they know.  Stuff that we don't really know or understand make us un-comfy...

Nevertheless the issue still stands.

And the sad thing is that is causes people to get REALLY angry.  Which I find totally ridiculous (on both side of the argument) 

There are moments that I sing a hymn and it feels as though Jesus literally walks in the room. Then there are times it’s just another song…

Then there are times that I sing a praise and worship song and the same thing applies…JESUS just showed up. And then…I’ll be singing a praise and worship song, and there is nothing. Just another song.

Why is it that so many people get so excited and awestruck in worship when they sing “In The Garden” (hymn) but if “The Revelation Song” (praise and worship song) comes on they automatically bristle up, and say ‘This song is no good.” and likewise someone will say ‘I HATE those old songs…”

The thing is that BOTH camps are horribly wrong.

The thing is that WORSHIP MUSIC IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!!!

It is our response to our Savior, and there are moments that a hymn fits the moment, and God speaks through it, and your heart is blessed. Then there are times that a praise and worship chorus melts the heart and shows you a glimpse of who Jesus is. There is no set magic to one style of songs.

Shame on both camps of people who say ‘this is the ONLY way music should be done.’
#1 Stubbornness of age
#2 Ignorance of youth.

BOTH CAMPS need to learn to step out of their comfort zones, and look at the music as an avenue to worship Jesus.

If you find yourself  in either one of these camps you might consider repenting and stop making the music about you and make it about the one it should be about!


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