Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A couple of days ago I was sent a sermon by a friend and was asked what I thought of it.  It was from a demonization that has had alot of upheaval in the past decade.  Nevertheless, I watched about ten minutes of this message.  That's all I could stomach.  

In ten minutes this 'pastor' was able to tell adults in the congregation that children have a better grasp of morality than they do.   That the morality of 60 years ago has vastly changed from the morality of today and hurt feelings is a bigger sin than sexual sin.    He also eluded to the idea that only certain sections of the Bible is truly inspired and the rest is just the interpretation of men.  

This pastor spent the 10 minutes that I watched, talking about how important polls were.  He gave them more credence those polls than the Scripture itself. 

And to top this all off he went through the percentages of their church and out of 17,000 active members in their church 742 of them lived in a homosexual lifestyle of some sort.  There was no data for how many were living in heterosexual sin outside the confines of marriage.  

I finally had to turn off this broadcast.  My heart was so full of anger and sadness all at the same time that I could not handle it.  My whole attitude changed because of this.  

This 'church' spits in the face of the commands of God.  It made a mockery of the scriptures and the thing that hurt the most is that tens of thousands of people are blindly following this churches teaching with no thought for truth and as a result, they very well could be headed straight to the pit of hell.  

Here is why this is happening.
PARENTS-  You are not leading your families well.  More particularly, MEN, you've neglected your responsibility so, therefore, you've allowed wolves to creep in and take captive your families.  We need our men to move back into the role of spiritual leadership.   Yes I'm talking to you and me both! We've gotta stop!  Stop focusing on so many other things. Your kids are right in front of you.  Here is the best place for me to start!  

LEAD THEM!  Be the servant that will give up your life for them.  

PRAY WITH THEM! Take time each day to pray over them.  To pray for them! They need it. 

TALK MORE.  Our stupid phones are gonna be the death of us!  I know.  I'm guilty.  Just ask my kids.  They want to talk more and there will come a time when they won't wanna talk.   What's wrong with me! 

GET IN THE WORD MORE!  My tribe needs me to be in God's word more!  They need to see me in it.  I need to lead by example. 

BE MORE INVOLVED IN YOUR CHURCH!  What is happening at your church is going to matter in 10,000 years...either way.  Good or bad.  And if you're involved you can help make sure it's good stuff that is happening at your church!  Be PRESENT! 

My prayer is that my heart changes!  I need Jesus more than I need anything else!  I really need to be focused on things that are eternal.
I am my biggest problem!  You are your biggest problem! We need to stop focusing on me and start focusing on Jesus and what HE WANTS! 

God help me! 


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