Thursday, April 16, 2015

A community is strong when its families are strong.

There is an all out attack on the family. The devil wants nothing more than to see our communities fall apart and descend into chaos. Ladies and gentlemen our marching orders are here. Defend the family. Hold it as sacred. Fight for your spouse!

Do you remember standing at the alter looking into her/his eyes?
Do you remember saying those words ‘until death do us part!’?

Those words mean just that! They are saying simply this:
' I won’t leave until my heart stops beating.'

How difficult is that?

Well, if you’re in the middle of a crazy marriage then those words are pretty difficult.

I want to give you a few things to put your marriage back on the path it needs to be on.

1. You HAVE to be in prayer WITH EACH OTHER!!! Dedicate time to pray together over everything, not just the big things. IF you pray over the small things, the big things won’t seem so big anymore.

2. Put your spouses needs above your children’s needs. I see so many marriages that focus so much on the kids, and because of that they fall apart. The maintenance that was needed to maintain the marriage was never done, because the children were the focus. Make your husband/wife the focus and your kids will reap the benefits of that.

3. Read and study God’s word TOGETHER! Open your Bible’s and read it, listen to sermons together…it will bring you together. Here are some great resources/sermons to get you started studying God’s word.

4. Get connected in GODLY community! What does that look like? Typically that means going to a church where you are known, and you know people. I don’t mean just showing up on Sunday mornings. I mean investing your life in people. Letting yourself be vulnerable and exposed to people. Letting people pray over you, letting people keep you accountable.

If you do these four simple steps consistently, you will win in your marriage. You have to abide in the vine of Jesus Christ, and His word must be present in your life in order to go where He wants you to go. IF we do these four simple things our country will see transformation. I can promise you that!


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