Monday, February 23, 2015

We have a culture that seems to think that Pastors have everything figured out and that they are super spiritual human beings and that they are an island and that they have not problems…this is not true. Pastors are sinners just like the rest of us. A Pastor needs a pastor too. I think the below info might help folks! I know it’s helped me!
Paul Tripp explains how pastors frequently end up isolated from the church, unable to confess sin, having no one in their life to aid them in seeing the spiritual blind spots that everyone has. Pastors feel a pressure to always do and say the right thing and this can lead to a dual life. And so to combat this toxic culture and to find a healthier way Tripp gives eight suggestions for churches to bring their pastors under the ministry of the body of Christ and see them live spiritually healthier lives.
  1. Require your pastor to attend a small group he doesn’t lead
  2. Pastor, seek out a spiritually mature person to mentor you at all times
  3. Establish a pastors’ wives’ small group
  4. Pastor, be committed to appropriate self-disclosure in your preaching
  5. Be sure that your pastor and his family are regularly invited into the homes of families in your church
  6. Make sure there is someone who is regularly mentoring your pastor’s wife
  7. Make sure your pastor and his wife have the means to be regularly out of the house and away for the weekends with one another
  8. Make sure counselling help is always available to the pastor, his wife, and their family.
Together churches and their pastors need to work together to break down the toxic culture that allows for pastors to be isolated from the ministry of the church. Churches need pastors who are first applying the gospel to their own heart and are practicing confession, forgiveness and community. 
A pastor does not have to live in hiding! The gospel of Jesus Christ has already covered you!


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