Monday, February 23, 2015

Every guy needs encouragement.
Every guy needs someone he is able to let his hair down with.
Every guy needs someone he can just be himself with.
Every guy needs a harbor he can feel safe to express himself and talk. (YES, sometimes guys wanna talk)
And if that someone is his WIFE…then that guy will be able find freedom and contentment like nothing else!
I saw this letter on social media last week…and thought…
It only took a few moments to make all this happen…but what this said to her husband spoke volumes. I can promise you that there was an amazing amount of thankfulness, respect, and love that this man felt at that moment for his wife! Ladies (wives) if you’re looking for ways to win your man’s (husband’s) heart this is a good starter! It does not have to be the exact note, but the idea is the same. Do something that says I. AM. CRAZY. IN. LOVE. WITH. YOU!! Take time to invest in your marriage. You won’t regret it.
Men! When your lady does ANYTHING like this…SHOW her you’re thankful! BRAG on your girl!
Your marriage will be better this way!


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