Monday, February 23, 2015

When I was younger I was outside constantly.
I lived outside.
Stayed outside for days on end.
Slept on a trampoline outside.
I Loved hiking, bike riding, swimming in rivers and pounds.
As I got older…something happened.
I don’t go outside as much as I used to.
Being outside sometimes challenges me (too hot, too cold…).
But God created men to be outside.
We were never designed to sit behind a desk.
Now, i know…sometimes we have to inside to provide for our families.
But, nevertheless…we were designed to be out in nature.
I honestly think I need to start to camp more.
I know, I make a blanket statement, and then have a hard time doing follow through.
Honestly because I just don’t want to.
If I wanted to go to a movie…I go.
If I wanted to camp, I really would go camping.
I need to have my boys in a tent in the wood more, it’s important.
There are things I can teach my kids about nature and the world that sitting inside never could do.
My personal goal for the next 3 months is to go camping at least 3 times with my family.
Wish us luck!


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